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Mariah’s main focus is to balance the masculine and feminine energy that resides in our bodies and create a window of awareness for her clients that allow them to see their full potential.

In the first session, Mariah will ask you questions about your life and what parts you would like to improve. She will review the functions of the chakras and how they may relate to your current situations. You’ll be asked to set an intention for the space (i.e I am clear, I am creative, I allow suppressed emotions to come to the surface, etc). The energy in the space will become a support for the cleanse of any blocks and/or resistance.


Picture your MAIN intention as a pathway and these SUB intentions as bridges and keys to allow you to manifest your dreams.

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  • Intention setting prep with me!

  • (3 Sets) Intention creating sheets

  • 3 Reiki Healings + Energy Reading

  • Integration Homework



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I want to intentionally bring Reiki Practitioners together to do exchanges this year! I have access to a beautiful space and would love to use more of it.

The plan is to get everyone together at least once or twice a month to do an exchange. We will shoot for even numbers and every week we can switch up who we get exchanges from!

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Rite of Passage
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Rite of Passage
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Ancestors : the Connection through the Womb
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Get Coverage with NWA!

4 Simple Steps

1. Swing on over to their website to apply for membership – an investment of $50/year. People with serious health concerns are approved for a free membership;
2. You will be contacted by someone who will work with you to create a plan to improve your health and quality of life by accessing discounts, subsidies and services.  Please note that this is an application for a funding solution – not a discount on our services.
3. The Association will then issue you a membership card to use for my services.
4. Book your service! You will save at the time of purchase.


It is my honour to be able to support others in their journey.

I believe when we sit for our first Attunement, we are asking for a massive change. We are asking to stripe all of what we thought we knew, so we can see who we truly are. The magic that sits in us dances and cries and waits for us to hold it in our hands and use it for love. Love for yourself and love for everyone and everything you touch.

My Level 1 classes will hold 4 people and will be completed in 1 day (6 hours), followed by a follow up meeting with the whole group in order to connect and make sure everyone is support through their cleansing process.


I have prepared the following for the level 1 class:

  • Reiki Level 1 Manual

  • 21 Day Cleanse: Exercise Booklet

  • Student Online Portal

  • Certificate

  • Private Reiki Exchange Group

  • Online Chakra Guided Meditation

  • Question Portal for any questions that come up

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My journey of becoming a Reiki Practitioner started in 2016 and has changed my perception of how I see the world and my own body, mind, and soul. Reiki has shown me that all your flaws are perfect, everything you ever need is inside you and everyone around you is your student and your teacher. My job as a Practitioner is help you remember the power you hold inside. I believe the greatest relationship we will ever have will be with the spirit that lives inside of us. It cannot be touched, it does not have ego and it is always there for our beginnings and ends.

 My Reiki helps to create a catalyst for change and I work with people who are ready for one of the greatest ceremonies. A ceremony of shedding the false in order to see and breath the truth of who we really are.

*Mariah has two locations PRAMANA & THE FLOATATION CENTRE - see Locations Tab for more info




“I’ve had many sessions with Mariah and every time she’s left me feeling calm and peaceful. She’s helped me find and cope with suppressed emotions as well as develop a better understanding of myself. When I’m feeling down or low energy I go to her and it feels as if my energy is restored to its full potential. Her work reminds me of my true nature and days after I feel more centred and aware of my purpose in life. A truly beautiful experience and an amazing healer.”

— Kyle Myers

“Been dealing with severe chronic pain for years and went in for a session about a week ago. I was pretty skeptical but since then I’ve barely felt any pain in my neck which is very surprising for me. On top of that, she’s well educated and passionate about helping others which makes her even better at what she does!”

— Michelle Murphy

“Mariah is such a talented practitioner. She is wise beyond her years and leaves you feeling moved, healed and tingling all over. Different than anything than Ive ever experienced before. Before I saw Mariah I was heading to the doctor next for Rx and after seeing her , I no longer needed to go. What a wonderful experience. ”

— Tracy Semple




This March you will be able to add a Guided Meditation with your float! Ancestors : the CONNection through the womb! This meditation will help you heal your relationship with your womb and make you feel empowered and connected.


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